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Antique Doll Germany Queen Louise
Antique Doll Germany Queen Louise
VINTAGE 1940's 15
VINTAGE 1940's 15" Composition DOLL in Red Gingham Sun Suit & Bonnet - Nice Cond
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31" BOUDOIR BED DOLL VINTAGE ANTIQUE French Composition Head lot   Composition Doll book Shirley Temple Horsman Alexander   Composition Wind-up Pinocchio Doll -video available of him walking-Price reduc   1980, 180 PAGES, MAKING ORIGINAL DOLLS OF COMPOSITION, BISQUE, PORCELAIN. ROTH   All original vintage 1930's Shirley Temple look alike composition doll head   Rare, Vintage Dress, Antique, Sleepy-eyed Baby Dolls. Valuable! Get one FREE!   RARE Rose O'Neill Scootles Composition Cameo Doll Original Plaid Outfit   Nice 18" Shirley Temple Composition doll   Antique 14" TIN HEAD DOLL W/ SLEEP EYES COMPOSITION ARMS STRAW FILLED BODY CRIER   VINTAGE EFFANBEE ANNE SHIRLEY DOLL 15" COMPOSITION NICELY REDRESSED 1940s   19" 1930's ? MARKED EFFANBEE COMPOSITION W/KID BODY SHOULDER HEAD   22" Simon & Halbig 1170 Bisque Shoulder Head Doll Pink Kid Leather Composition   Antique Vintage Anita Novelty Boudoir Doll Circa 1920's Composition/Cloth Doll   Antique 21" Chuckles Century Doll Composition Legs And Head Cloth Body   Antique Composition Doll Body w/ Cork Hands   ANTIQUE SLEEPY EYE COMPOSITE HEAD AND BODY 13 INCH DOLL WITH OUTFITS   Vintage Asian Oriental Japanese Wood Composition Doll With Baby Silk Ethnic   Vintage 14" Arranbee Nancy Lee ?? All Composition Doll Sleep Eyes Effanbee??   antque boudior doll   Vintage Sleep Eyes USA Doll Original Clothes Old 1950's Nr   30” Effanbee Sleep Eyes Composite Rosemary Doll, original clothing, undies   Madame Alexander Baby Genius Composition Cloth Doll w Rare "Love Le'e Ter" Dress   13" vintage composition 1930s sleepy eye doll with magnetic hands   14" Antique Composition & Cloth WMPC Doll With Molded Hair For TLC   13" composition doll with original clothing?   UNMARKED PATSY-TYPE DOLL; MOLLY-'EZ DRESS AND HAT; SIDE-GLANCING PAINTED EYES   Antique Vintage Shirley Temple Composition Doll, 33cm Appraised   Antique Vintage 25" Composition Baby Doll With Dress